Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my pakcik

i've tried to call other person with title 'pakcik',
but it doesnt suit with them at all..
i used to call u with 'pakcik', 
and u will call me with 'nenek' and sometimes with 'nenek tua'..

honestly aku rindu nak text dgn ko,
nak tau cte ko,
aku tau,
that thing will never happen again..
i know,
it was my mistake,
really sorry,buddy..

skrg ni pun kita dah jrg kan?
kalau text pun,
tak mcm dulu,
really miss the old u..

i just want to let u know that u are my bestfriends forever:)
even aku dah tak layak..
thank u for everything ok?

goodbye my bestfriend

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