Monday, December 15, 2014

welcome 23 part 1.

alright,ni semua erika hisham punya pasal. thank you so much fo everything. when everyone try to hate me,i know i'll have you. sorry for my mistake. kenapa la aku takdak bf sweet mcm hangg! hahaha.. thank you for the videeo,you make me cry a lot last night, and redza minhat's wish too!
wishlist tahun ni - tickedd! muahahahah 
erika,you know me well enough,and you still remember pasai bakery tuu! hahaha 

mama,dont cry. its your day actually. not my day. thank you mama,for your sacrifice lahirkan akak, 
'jd anak yg pandai utk mama ayah,moga dpt jodoh baik-baik' what else that i could ask from you ma? nothing,just bear with me through my thick and thin,ma. 

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